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Course: EEW507 Thermal Physics for Energy Application (에너지열물리)

Lecturer : Prof. Jeong Young Park (jeongypark@kaist.ac.kr)
Time : Tuesday & Thursday 14:30-16:00, Fall 2014
Location : Creative Learning Building (E11) Room 406
Course Description : The course provides an introduction to the physics of heat and energy conversion from both the macroscopic and molecular viewpoints. The concept, principle, and experimental aspects in the field of energy dissipation, thermal phenomena and transport on nanomaterials, and conversion of solar and chemical energy will be covered.
Grade : homework 20%, midterm 20%, attendance 20%, final term and presentation 40%

Approximate class schedule :
Period Contents
1week Introduction to Energy and Thermal Physics
2week Heat (Molecular and Atomic Process on Surfaces)
3week Equation of State, The First Law of Thermodynamics
4week Entropy and the First Law of Thermodynamics
5week Thermodynamic potential
6week Heat Transfer and Thermometry
7week Application of Thermodynamics to Energy Systems
8week Midterm
9week Nanoscale Thermal Phenomena
10week Heat and Energy Tranport in the Nanoscale systems
11week Advanced Techniques for Heat Transport
12week Atomic and Molecular Processes in Energy Dissipation at Interfaces
13week Techniques for Characterization of Energy Conversion
14week Physics of Solar Energy Conversion
15week Physics of Chemical Energy Conversion
16week Final exam