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Course : (EEW508) Surface Physics and Chemistry

Time :Tuesday & Thursday 16:00-17:30, Spring 2015
Location :Creative Learning Building(E11) #405
Course Description :The course treats chemical and physical phenomena taking place at the surface and interfaces. The structural, electrical, thermodynamical, and mechanical properties of surfaces will be shown. Various surface analytic techniques and topics of heterogeneous catalysis on single crystal and nanoparticles will be described.
Grade :homework 25%, presentation or report 30%, final term 30%, attendance 15%
Textbook : Introduction to Surface Chemistry and Catalysis, Gabor A. Somorjai and Yimin Li (Second edition, 2010, Wiley, NY)

Approximate class schedule :
Period Contents
1week Introduction to Surface Physics and Chemistry
2week Structure of Surfaces
3week Molecular and Atomic Process on Surfaces
4week Surface Imaging (scanning probe microscopy, electron microscoy)
5week Surface Analytic Techniques I (diffraction and depth profile)
6week Surface Analytic Techniques II (spectroscopy)
7week Thermodynamics of Surfaces I (surface free energy, segregation, heat of adsorption)
8week Midterm
9week Ultrahigh vacuum and Effect of Gas Pressure
10week Electrical Properties of Surfaces (work function, charge transfers at surfaces)
11week Mechanical Properties of Surfaces (friction, adhesion, wetting)
12week Atomics force microscopy and friction force microscopy
13week Surface Chemical Bond
14week Heterogeneous Catalysis on Single Crystal and Nanoparticle Surfaces
15week Energy Dissipation at Surfaces
16week Final exam