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Invited talks at conferences
  • 1. Jeong Y. Park
    “Friction anisotropy on decagonal quasicrystal surfaces”
    Workshop of the European Network of Excellence Complex Metallic Alloys, CMA-Zagreb '08 Institute of Physics, Zagreb, Croatia, October 1-4 (2008)

  • 2. Jeong Y. Park, J. R. Renzas, and Gabor A. Somorjai
    “Detecting Hot Electron Flow with Metal-Semiconductor Schottky Diodes during Exothermic Catalytic Reactions”
    Energy Dissipation at Surfaces, Physikzentrum, Bad Honnef, August 25 – 28 (2008)

  • 3. Gabor A. Somorjai and J. Y. Park
    “Selectivity in Catalytic Conversion of Hydrocarbons by Control of Metal Nanoparticle Size (1-10 nm) Shape and Composition”
    14th International Congress on Catalysis, Seoul, Korea, July 13-18 (2008)

  • 4. Gabor A. Somorjai and J. Y. Park
    “The role of hot electrons in surface chemistry and catalysis science”
    ACS National Symposium 236th ACS National Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, August 17-21 (2008)

  • 5. J. Y. Park, D. F. Ogletree, Miquel Salmeron, R. A. Ribeiro, P. Canfield, C. J. Jenks, P. A. Thiel
    “Relationship between friction and quasicrystallinity: Friction anisotropy in a decagonal Al-Ni-Co surface”
    The 12th International conference on Rapid Quenched and Metastable Materials, Jeju, Korea, August 21 (2005)

  • 6. P. A. Thiel, B. Unal, R. A. Ribeiro, P. C. Canfield, T. A. Lograsso, A. R. Ross, C. J. Jenks, V. Fournee, J. Y. Park, F. Ogletree, M. Salmeron
    “Friction and Film Growth on Quasicrystalline Surfaces” (invited talk)
    4th Asian Workshop on Quasicrystals (AWQ4) Xi’an, China, September 25-28 (2006)