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  • Jeong Young Park (박정영) 
  • Professor, Department of Chemistry
     KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) 

    #102 E6-6, KAIST, 291 Daehak-ro, Yuseong Gu, Daejeon 34141, Korea

    Email: jeongypark at kaist.ac.kr, jeongpark30 at gmail.com
    Tel: 82-42-350-2838


Professor Jeong Young Park is the professor of Department of Chemistry at KAIST.
He has carried out the cutting-edge research in the field of surface science, nanoscience and catalysis.
His research focuses on atomic scale structure and properties of surfaces and nanomaterials for applications in electronics, energy conversion, catalysis, tribology and environmental science.

Research Interest

Metal-semiconductor nanodiode – detection of continuous hot electron flow

Development of novel scheme of photon energy conversion with hot electron flows
Energy conversion from catalytic chemical energy to hot electron flow
Catalytic nanosensor with metal-semiconductor Schottky diode

Nanotribology, mechanics, and molecular electronics with SPM

Design of tunable and switchable frictional devices
Nanomechanics of novel materials
Friction and adhesion properties of materials during catalytic reaction.

Fabrication and characterization of nanoscale hybrid systems

Combination of solid-state functional devices and organic materials.
Mechanical and charge transport properties of the hybrid system
Application of novel nanoscale functional devices

Atomic scale properties of nanoscale building blocks

Scanning probe investigation of correlation among structural, mechanical, and electrical properties
Study of intermolecular interaction of organic molecules with a conductive atomic force microscopy


Ph. D. Physics, Seoul National University (1999) (Thesis adviser: Professor Young Kuk)

M. S. Physics, Seoul National University (1995)

B. S. Physics, Seoul National University (1993)

Research experience & Employment

KAIST, Department of Chemistry Professor      (March 2017 - Present)

Associate Director, Center for Nanomaterials and Chemical Reaction, IBS    (Sep 2016- Dec 2022)

KAIST, Graduate School of EEWS Associate Professor                                      (Aug 2009 – Feb 2017)

Group Leader, Center for Nanomaterials and Chemical Reaction, IBS              (Sep 2013- Aug 2016)

Lawerence Berkeley National Laboratory Staff Scientis(Oct 2006 - Aug 2009)

Lawerence Berkeley National Laobratory Physicist Postdoctoral Fellow    (April 2002 - Oct 2006)

University of Mayland, College Park, Department of Physics(July 1999- March 2002)
Postdoctoral Research Associate

Seoul National University Department of Physics Research Associate   (Feb 1995 - June 1999) 

Awards & Honors

Award from Ministry of Science and ICT (2023)

Fellow of Korean Academy of Science and Technology (2022)

KAIST Top 10 Research Achievements (2016)

Top Government R&D Achievement Award (2012, National Science & Technology Commission)

Top 50 Basic Research Achievement Award (2012, National Research Foundation)

KAIST Top 10 Research Achievements (2012)

Monthly scientist award (2011, Daejeon City)

Best Poster Award in Fourth Annual University Symposium on Surface Science and Its Application (2006).

Samsung Humantech Thesis Award, Samsung Electronics Corporation (gold medal) (1998).

Young Investigator Research Fund Award, Korea Research Foundation (1995)

Fellowship of Development Fund, Seoul National University (1993)

Alumni Association Fellowship of Physics Department, Seoul National University (1991)

Professional Activities

Acting as a referee of

Science, Nature, Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Communication

Nature Materials, Angewandte Chemie, Scientifi Reports 
Chemical Society Review, Nano Letters, Advanced Materials
Physics Review Letters, Journal of the American Chemical Society
ACS Nano, Surface Science, Physics Review B, Langmuir
Applied Physics Letter, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics
New Journal of Physics, Journal of Chemical Physics
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, Journal of Physical Chemistry C
Philosophical Magazine Letters, Nanotechnology
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A & B
Tribology Letters, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter
Physics Letters A, Topics in Catalysis, Catalysis Letters
Micron, Scanning, Scientific Reports, Chemical Science
Journal of Nanoparticle Research, ChemPlusChem, Nanoscale,
Nanoscale Research Lett, Nano, Ultramicroscopy, ChemComm

Served as

International Committee member of Asian Science Camp

Editorial board member of Scientific Reports

International advisory committee member of European Conference on Surface Science (ECOSS)
International advisory board of Advanced Materials Interfaces
Editorial board of Journal of Korean Physical Society
Editorial board of New Physics (Korean)
Reviewer of American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund
Molecular Foundry proposal reviewer, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
National Science Foundation (NSF) proposal reviewer
German Research Foundation proposal reviewer

Member of

American Physical Society (1995 - present )
American Chemistry Society (2005 - present )
American Vacuum Society (1996 - present)
Material Research Society (2001 - present)
Korean Vacuum Society (2010 - present)
Korean Physical Society (2010 - present)