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  • 328. Seunghwa Hong†,, Kasala Prahbakar Reddy†, Yejin Song, Dahee Park, and Jeong Young Park*
    Enhanced methanol formation in CO2 hydrogenation through synergistic copper and gallium interaction
    Journal of Catalysis (in press, 2024).  

  • 327. Jong Hun Kim#, Da Woon Jin#, Jae Hyeon Jeon, Dheeraj Kumar, HongYeon Yoon, Hunyoung Cho, Hyotcherl Ihee, Jeong Young Park* and Jong Hoon Jung*
    Tailoring Morphological and Chemical Contributions of Nanoscale Charge Transfer for Enhanced Triboelectric Nanogenerators
    Nanoscale (in press, 2024).  

  • 325. Bernd Wicklein, Geetha Valurouthu, HongYeon Yoon, Hyunjoon Yoo, Sathiyanathan Ponnan, Manmatha Mahato, Jiseok Kim, Syed Sheraz Ali, Jeong Young Park, Yury Gogotsi, Il-Kwon Oh*
    Influence of MXene Composition on Triboelectricity of MXene-Alginate Nanocomposites
    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 16, 23948-23959 (2024). 

  • 324. Eunji Lee, Beomjoon Jeon‚ Hyuk Choi, Jihun Kim, Jongseok Kim, Gyuho Han, Kwangjin An, Hyun You Kim*, Jeong Young Park*‚and Si Woo Lee*
    Insight into Synergistic Effect of Oxide-Metal Interface on Hot Electron Excitation
    ACS Catalysis 5520–5530 2024.

  • 323. Eunbi Kang, Jinho Seo, Hyewon Park, Cody J. Wrasman, Jae Won Shin, Min-kyun Jo, Matteo Cargnello, Jeong Young Park*‚ and Hyosun Lee1*
    Engineering Ultrathin Alloy Shell in Au@AuPd Core-Shell Nanoparticles for Efficient Plasmon–Driven Photocatalysis
    Advanced Materials Interfaces, 2301070 (2024).

  • 322. Mohd Musaib Haidari, Dong Jin Jang, Duhee Yoon, Hakseong Kim, Hong Kyw Choi, Yoonsik Yi, Jin Hong Kim, Jin‐Yong Ko, Dooho Lee, Eun Hee Kee, Hu Young Jeong, Jeong Young Park, Bae Ho Park, Jin Sik Choi
    Graphene‐Based Lateral Heterojunctions for 2D Integrated Circuits
    Advanced Electronic Materials, 2300761 (2024).

  • 321. Yujin Roh, Yeonghoon Jin, Beomjoon Jeon, Yujin Park, Kyoungsik Yu*, and Jeong Young Park*
    Revealing the Loss Mechanism of Chemically-Induced Hot Electron Transport
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  • 320. Le Yu, Yejin Song, Seunghwa Hong, Zhaoyi Xu, Shourong Zheng*, and Jeong Young Park*
    Influence of Doping of Niobium Oxide on the Catalytic Activity of Pt/Al2O3 for CO Oxidation
    Topics in Catalysis (2024)

  • 319. Dheeraj Kumar, Dong Geun Jeong, Dae Sol Kong, Ying Chieh Hu, Seoyeon Ko, Kyu-Tae Lee, Seokhyun Yoon, Jeong Young Park, Jong Hun Kim, and Jong Hoon Jung*
    Boosted triboelectric output performance in g-C3N4 embedded P (VDF-TrFE) composite via a coupling of photocarrier and ferroelectric dipole
    Nano Energy, 122, 109320 (2024).

  • 318. Gwangmook Kim, Soomin Lee, Sang‐kil Lee, Han Jun Yu, Hunyoung Cho, Youngjun Chung, Tae‐Eon Park, Hyun‐Sook Lee, Wooyoung Shim, Kyu Hyoung Lee, Jeong Young Park, Yu Jin Kim, Dong Won Chun*, and Wooyoung Lee*
    Revealing the Substrate Constraint Effect on the Thermodynamic Behaviour of the Pd–H through Capacitive‐Based Hydrogen‐Sorption Measurement
    Advanced Materials, 2310333 (2024).

  • 317. Rassoul Tabassiana, Araz Rajabi-Abhari, Manmatha Mahato, Hyunjoon Yoo, Hong Yeon Yoon, Jeong Young Park, and Il-Kwon Oh*
    Metal Organic Framework Nanofibrous Film for Two Different Modes of Triboelectric Nanogenerators
    SmartMat, e1270 (2024).

  • 316. Kyoungjae Song, Jihun Kim, Daeho Kim, Seunghwa Hong, Ki-jeong Kim, Kwangjin An*, and Jeong Young Park*
    Enhancing catalytic performance and hot electron generation through engineering metal-oxide and oxide-oxide interfaces
    Catalysis Today 425, 114306 (2024).

  • 314. Jong Hun Kim+, Jinhyeok Jeong+ , Dae Sol Kong, HongYeon Yoon, Hunyoung Cho, Jong Hoon Jung* and Jeong Young Park*
    Direct Observation of Contact Electrification Effects at Nanoscale Using Scanning Probe Microscopy
    Advanced Materials Interfaces 2300821 (2023).

  • 313. Joong Il Jake Choi, Luis K Ono, Hunyoung Cho, Ki-Jeong Kim, Hyung-Been Kang, Yabing Qi*, and Jeong Young Park*
    Pathways of Water-Induced Lead-Halide Perovskite Surface Degradation: Insights from In Situ Atomic-Scale Analysis
    ACS Nano 17, 24, 25679–25688 (2023).

  • 312. Yejin Song, Daeho Kim, Seunghwa Hong, Taek-Seung Kim, Ki-Jeong Kim, and Jeong Young Park*
    Bimetallic Synergy from a Reaction-Driven Metal Oxide–Metal Interface of Pt–Co Bimetallic Nanoparticles
    ACS Catalysis 13, 13777-13785, 2023.

  • 307. G. Jung, C. Moon, F. Martinho, Y. Jung, J. Chu, H. Park, A. Hajijafarassar, R. Nielsen, J. Schou, J. Y. Park, P. C. K. Vesborg, O. Hansen, Y. Lee, S. Canulescu, and B. Shin
    Monolithically Integrated BiVO4/Si Tandem Devices Enabling Unbiased Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting
    Advanced Energy Materials 13, 2301235 (2023)

  • 306. Jeongjin Kim, Youngseok Yu, Tae Won Go, Jean-Jacques Gallet, Fabrice Bournel, Bongjin Simon Mun*, and Jeong Young Park*
    Revealing CO2 dissociation pathways at vicinal copper (997) interfaces
    Nature Communications 14, 3273 (2023)

  • 305. Mincheol Kang, Beomjoon Jeon, and Jeong Young Park*
    Catalytic Boosting by Surface Plasmon-Driven Hot Electrons on Antenna-Reactor Schottky Nanodiodes
    Nano Letters 23, 11, 5116–5122 (2023)

  • 303. Hanyoung Park, Jisuk Bang, Hongjun Park, Jaeheon Kim, Jeong-Chul Kim, Jeong Y Park*, and Ryong Ryoo*
    Surface Silanol Sites in Mesoporous MFI Zeolites for Catalytic Beckmann Rearrangement
    Catalysis Science & Technology 13, 3436-3444 (2023)

  • 302. Jeong-Chul Kim+, John Lee+, Seung Won Han, Hongjun Park, Hanyoung Park, Jeong Young Park*, and Ryong Ryoo*
    Influence of catalyst pelletization on propane dehydrogenation over hierarchical MFI zeolite supported with platinum-yttrium nanoparticles
    Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 357, 112610 (2023)

  • 301. Daeho Kim+, Dongmin Park+, Hee Chan Song, Beomgyun Jeong, Jouhahn Lee, Yousung Jung*, and Jeong Young Park*
    Metal Encapsulation-Driven Strong Metal-Support Interaction on Pt/Co3O4 during CO Oxidation
    ACS Catalysis 13, 8, 5326–5335 (2023)

  • 300. Taek-Seung Kim, Hyuk Choi, Daeho Kim, Hee Chan Song, Yusik Oh, Beomgyun Jeong, Jouhahn Lee, Ki-Jeong Kim, Jae Won Shin, Hye Ryung Byon, Ryong Ryoo, Hyun You Kim*, and Jeong Young Park*
    Catalytic boosting on AuCu bimetallic nanoparticles by oxygen-induced atomic restructuring
    Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 331, 122704 (2023)

  • 299. Si Woo Lee, Heeyoung Kim, and Jeong Young Park*
    How Hot Electron Generation at the Solid–Liquid Interface Is Different from the Solid–Gas Interface
    Nano Letters 23, 11, 5373–5380 (2023)

  • 298. Yongman Kim, Joong Il Jake Choi, Yongchan Jeong, YoungJae Kim, and Jeong Young Park*
    In-situ imaging of the electrode surface during electrochemical reactions with a beetle-type electrochemical scanning tunneling microscope
    Current Applied Physics 50, 74-80 (2023)

  • 296. Hyunhwa Lee, Passarut Boonmongkolras, Seongmoon Jun, Daehan Kim, Yujin Park, Jaehyuk Koh, Yong-Hoon Cho, Byungha Shin*, and Jeong Young Park*
    In Situ Observation of Photoinduced Halide Segregation in Mixed Halide Perovskite
    ACS Appl. Energy Mater. 6, 1565–1574 (2023)

  • 293. Hee Chan Song+, Gyuho Han+, Kasala Prabhakar Reddy+, Minkee Choi, Ryong Ryoo, and Jeong Young Park*
    Synergistic interactions between water and the metal/oxide interface in CO oxidation on Pt/CeO2 model catalysts
    Catalysis Today 411-412, 113825 (2023).

  • 291. Dong Woo Lee, Dae Sol Kong, Jong Hun Kim, Sang Hyeok Park, Ying Chieh Hu, Young Joon Ko, Chan Bae Jeong, Seoku Lee, Joong Il Jake Choi, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Minbaek Lee, Jeong Jae Wie, Ki Soo Chang, Jeong Young Park, Jong Hoon Jung

    Correlation between frictional heat and triboelectric charge: In operando temperature measurement during metal-polymer physical contact
    Nano Energy, 103, 107813 (2022)

  • 289. Dong Geun Jeong, Young Joon Ko, Jong Hun Kim, Dae Sol Kong, Ying Chieh Hu, Dong Woo Lee, Seong Hyun Im, Jeongwan Lee, Mi Suk Kim, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Chang Won Ahn, Joung Real Ahn, Minbaek Lee, Jeong Young Park, Jong Hoon Jung

    On the origin of enhanced power output in ferroelectric polymer-based triboelectric nanogenerators: Role of dipole charge versus piezoelectric charge
    Nano Energy, 103, 107806 (2022)

  • 288. Seong Rae Cho, Dong-Ha Kim, Mingyu Jeon, Rani Pragya, Minseung Gyeon, Yongman Kim, Min-kyung Jo, Seungwoo Song, Jeong Young Park*, Jihan Kim*, Il-Doo Kim*, and Kibum Kang*

    Overlaying monolayer metal organic framework on PtSe2-based gas sensor for tuning selectivity
    Advanced Functional Materials 32, 2207265 (2022)

  • 285. Dahee Park, Jung-Yeul Yun, Seunghwa Hong, Sangsun Yang, Hye-Young Koo, Jeong Young Park*, and Kyung Tae Kim*

    Enhanced hydrogenation conversion efficiency of porous nickel particles with homogeneously distributed unimodal nanopores
    Scripta Materialia 216, 114761 (2022)

  • 283. Woosuk Choi+, Raj Kumar Bera+, Seung Won Han, Hongjun Park, Tae Won Go, Minkee Choi, Ryong Ryoo*, Jeong Young Park*
    Doping effect of zeolite-templated carbon on electrical conductance and supercapacitance properties
    Carbon 193, 42-50 (2022). Selected as an Issue Cover

  • 282. Pradeepta Babu+, Heeyoung Kim+, Jeong Young Park*, and Brundabana Naik*

    Trioctylphosphine Oxide (TOPO)-Assisted Facile Fabrication of Phosphorus-Incorporated Nanostructured Carbon Nitride Toward Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting with Enhanced Activity
    Inorganic Chemistry, 61, 1368–1376 (2022)

  • 281. Jong Hun Kim+, Seonhye Youn+, Tae Won Go, Jeongmin Kim, Changhyeon Yoo, Mashiyat Sumaiy Shawkat, Sang Sub Han, Seong-Jae Jeong, Yeonwoong Jung*, Jeong Young Park*, and Wooyoung Lee*

    Revealing Pt-seed-induced structural effects to tribological/electrical/thermoelectric modulations in two-dimensional PtSe2 using scanning probe microscopy
    Nano Energy 91, 106693 (2022)

  • 280. Mi Yoo, Eunji Kang, Hyuk Choi, Hyunwoo Ha, Hanseul Choi, Jin-Seok Choi, Kuk-Seung Lee, Richard Celestre, David A. Shapiro, Jeong Young Park*, Chunjoong Kim*, Young-Sang Yu*, and Hyun You Kim*
    Promoting inherent catalytic activity and stability of TiO2 supported Pt single-atoms at CeOx-TiO2 interfaces
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  • 278. Yongman Kim, Yongchan Jeong, YoungJae Kim, and Jeong Young Park*
    Atomic-scale Observations of the Manganese Porphyrin/Au Catalyst Interface Under the Electrocatalytic Process Revealed with Electrochemical Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
    Advanced Materials Interfaces 8, 2170140 (2021)

  • 277. Younghwan Park, Songhyun Lee, Kyunglim Hyun, Jueun Lee, Jeong Young Park, Ryong Ryoo and Minkee Choi*
    Breaking the Inverse Relationship between Catalytic Activity and Selectivity in Acetylene Partial Hydrogenation using Dynamic Metal–Polymer Interaction
    J. Catal. 404, 716-725 (2021).

  • 276. Hongjun Park, Hanyoung Park, Jeong-Chul Kim, Minkee Choi, Jeong Young Park, Ryong Ryoo*
    Sodium-free synthesis of mesoporous zeolite to support Pt-Y alloy nanoparticles exhibiting high catalytic performance in propane dehydrogenation
    J. Catal. 404, 760-770 (2021)

  • 275. Kasala Prabhakar Reddy, Hanseul Choi, Daeho Kim, Ryong Ryoo* and Jeong Young Park*
    Cu oxide deposited on shape-controlled ceria nanocrystals for CO oxidation: influence of interface-driven oxidation states on catalytic activity
    Catal. Sci. Technol. 11, 6134-6142 (2021)

  • 274. Han Chang Kwon, Younghwan Park, Jeong Young Park, Ryong Ryoo, Hyeyoung Shin*, Minkee Choi*
    Catalytic Interplay of Ga, Pt, and Ce on the Alumina Surface Enabling High Activity, Selectivity, and Stability in Propane Dehydrogenation
    ACS Catal. 11, 10767-10777 (2021).

  • 272. Kasala Prabhakar Reddy, Han Seul Choi, Daeho Kim, Minkee Choi, Ryong Ryoo*, and Jeong Y Park*
    Facet Effect of Ceria Nanoparticles on Platinum Dispersion and Catalytic Activity of Methanol Partial Oxidation
    Chem. Commun. 57, 7382-7385 (2021)

  • 269. Jae-Eun Kim, Joong Il Jake Choi, Jeongjin Kim, Bongjin Simon Mun, Ki-Jeong Kim, Jeong Young Park*
    In-Situ Nanotribological Properties of Ultrananocrystalline Diamond Films Investigated with Ambient Pressure Atomic Force Microscopy
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  • 268. Y. Oh, J. Park, Y. Kim, M. Shim, T.-S. Kim, J. Y. Park, H. R. Byon*
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    J. Mater. Chem. A 9, 11210-11218 (2021)

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    Continuous 3D-Nanopatterned Ni-Mo Solid Solution as Free-Standing Electrocatalyst for the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction in Alkaline Medium
    J. Mater. Chem. A 9, 7767-7773 (2021)

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    Nat. Comm 11, 5649 (2020)

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