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Date Presenter Topic
Feb, 22 Prof. Jeong Young Park Introduction
Mar, 3 Kamran Qadir Catalytic Reactor & Nano-Catalysis Project
Mar, 15 Chanho Jung Catalytic Nanodiode
Mar, 31 Sangku Kwon Friction and Dissipation
in Epitaxial Graphene Films
Apr, 5 Sunmi Kim Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC)
Apr, 12 Dr. A.S.Reddy Catalytic Properties of Metal Oxides
Apr, 16 Dr. A.S.Reddy Water Gas Shift Reaction & Microbial Fuel Cell
Apr, 19 Youngkeun Lee Contact of Nanodiode
Apr, 26 Kyoungmin Jung Crystallography
May, 3 Sunghyun Choi Break-Up of Stepped Platinum Catalyst Surfaces
by High CO Coverage
May, 24 Sookyoung Jin Langmuir-Blodgett Film
May, 31 Prof. Jeong Young Park Status and Future Plan of SCALE Lab
Jun, 7 Kamran Qadir X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy(XPS),
Principle & Instrumentation
Jun, 14 Chanho Jung Non-adiabatic Chemical-to-electrical Energy Conversion in Heterojunction Nanostructures
Jul, 19 Sangku Kwon Frictional Characteristics of Atomically Thin Films
Jul, 26 Sunmi Kim Size Effect of Ruthenium Nanoparticles in Catalytic Carbon Monoxide Oxidation
Aug, 10 Dr. A.S.Reddy Gas Chromatic Methods
Aug,16 Youngkeun Lee Mechanisms and Applications of Plasmon-Induced Charge Separation at TiO2 Films Loaded with Gold Nanoparticles
Aug, 23 Kyoungmin Jung An Appraisal of High Resolution Scanning Electron Microscopy Applied to Porous Materials
Aug,30 Sunghyun Choi Principles & Operations of Atomic Force Microscopy
Sep, 6 Sookyoung Jin Synthesis of Nanoparticles & Langmuir-Blodgett Technique
Sep, 13 Kamran Qadir An Attempt to Explain The Surface Oxides for Single Crystal Ru(0001) and Ru Nanoparticles under CO Oxidation Reaction, Structural Deactivation Problem and Research Carried Out at SCALE Lab
Sep, 29 Chanho Jung Hydrogen Oxidation-Driven Hot Electron Flow Detected by Catalytic Nanodiode
Oct, 6 Sangku Kwon AFM Study on Electrical Properties in Graphene with Mechanical Deformation
Oct, 11 Sunmi Kim Reaction Studies for CO Oxidation in Catalytic Reactor
Oct, 13 Dr. Ki-Joon Jeon (LBNL) Air-stable Nano Mg, Graphene and Their Energy Applications
(Hydrogen Storage and Ultraviolet Luminescence)
Oct, 18 Dr. A.S.Reddy High-Rate Solar Photocatalytic Conversion of CO2 and Water Vapor
Nov, 1 Youngkeun Lee Design and Analysis to Improve Efficiency of Au-Si Nanodiode
Nov, 8 Dr. Keiichi Miyasaka
(Advisor : Prof. Terasaki Osamu)
Geometric Analysis and Self-consistent Structure Determination of Mesoporous Crystals
Nov, 15 Kyoungmin Jung Small Angle X-ray Scattering Method to Determine The Size Distribution of Gold Nanoparticles Chemisorbed by Thiol Liquid & RuOx Nanoparticles Analysis
Nov, 22 Van Trong Nghia Fabrication of Monodispersed Silica Nanospheres Layers in a Self-Assembling Manner by Capillary Force
Dec, 8 Sunghyun Choi Surface Corrosion and Treatment of Solar Cell Multilayers
Dec, 20 Sookyoung Jin Sol-Gel Method for Titanium Isopropoxide Precursors
Dec, 27 Kamran Qadir In-Situ AP-XPS Data Analysis of Ru 3nm and 6nm under Oxidizing & CO Oxidation Reaction Conditions