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Date Presenter Topic
Jan, 11 Chanho Jung Investigation of Surface Adsorption
by Surface Area Analyzer
Jan, 24 Sangku Kwon Tuning Nanoscale Friction using Pt Nanoparticles with Organic Capping Layer
Feb, 7 Prof. Jeong Young Park Status and Future Plan of SCALE Lab
Feb, 14 Sunmi Kim CO Oxidation on Thermally Stable Nanocatalysis for High-Temperature Reactions
Feb, 21 Dr. A.S.Reddy Core-SateliteNanocomposite Catalysis Protected by a Porous Silica Shell : Controllable Reactivity High Stability and Magnetic Recyclability
Mar, 8 Kyoungmin Jung Zeolite L(Linde Type L)
Mar, 14 Youngkeun Lee Characteristics of Au-Si and Au-TiO2 Nanodiodes
Mar, 21 Van TrongNghia Mechanism and Different Methods for Fabricating 2D Colloidal Crystal Structures.
Mar, 28 Sunghyun Choi Sol-gel Anti-Reflective Coating
Apr, 4 Sookyoung Jin Analysis of TiO2 Thin Films & Applications
Apr, 11 Hyunsoo Lee Comparison of Frictional Force Graphene and Graphite
Apr, 18 Hyunsoo Lee Mechanical Property of Rippled Structure in Suspended Stacks of Graphene
May, 4 Dahee Park Catalysis by Supported Gold
May, 9 Kamran Qadir Towards Understanding Dynamic Evolution of the Surface Oxidation States: An Ambient Pressure X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study
May, 16 Chanho Jung Investigation of Hot Electron Characteristics with Catalytic Nanodiode.
May, 30 Dr. A.S.Reddy Exceptional High-Temperature Stability through Distillation-like Self-Stabilization in Bimetallic Nanoparticles
Jun, 8 Youngkeun Lee How to use ‘3D Max’
Jun, 27 Van TrongNghia Silica Monolayer and its Applications
Jul, 18 Sunghyun Choi Investigations of Mechanical Properties on Solar Cell Multilayers
Jul, 25 Sookyoung Jin Low Temperature Synthesis of TiO2 Films
Aug, 22 Hyunsoo Lee Paper Review
Aug, 29 Kamran Qadir Investigating Pt/TiO2 Interface: SEM, XRD, XPS Analysis and Activity under CO Oxidation Conditions
Sep, 5 Dahee Park Gold Rush(Au Catalysis)
Sep, 26 Sangku Kwon Water Adsorption on Graphene Surface
Sep, 26 Sunmi Kim Research & Experience in UC Berkeley
Oct, 5 Chanho Jung Surface Structure Investigation of the Metallic Nanoparticles with MEIS
Oct, 10 Dr. A.S.Reddy Study of the Water-Gas-Shift Reaction on Pd@CeO2/Al2O3 Core-Shell Catalysts
Oct, 31 Youngkeun Lee The Study of Electron Transfer on Vertically Oriented Au/TiO2 Nanodiodes with Dye Molecules
Nov, 14 Kyoungmin Jung The Structural Study of Zeolite K-LTL Synthesized with 21-Crown-7
Nov, 23 Van TrongNghia Application of Silica Self-assembled Monolayer
Nov, 28 Sunghyun Choi Nanodome Solar Cells with Efficient Light Management and Self-Cleaning
Dec, 05 Sookyoung Jin,
Youngkeun Lee and Sunghyun Choi
Thesis Defense Rehearsal
Dec, 12 Hyunsoo Lee Detection of Electric Properties for Au, Pt/TiO2 Nanodiode by using Atomic Force Microscopy