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Date Presenter Topic
Jan, 21 Chanho Jung Study of catalytic activity and selectivity of 3-dimensional model nanocatalyst
Jan, 28 Sunmi Kim Nature of Rh oxide on Rh nanoparticles and its relation with catalytic activity of CO oxidation
Feb, 04 Youngkeun Lee Probing polarization modes of Ag nanowires with hot electron detection on Au/TiO2 nanodiodes
Feb, 11 Van Trong Nghia Self-assembled nanostructures and their applications
Mar, 11 Prof. Jeong Y. Park Current Status and Future Perspective of Scale lab in 2013
Mar, 18 Dr. Brundabana Naik Solar light mediated enhanced photocatalytic activity of Au/Hierarchical porous N doped TiO2
Mar, 25 Sangku Kwon Reversible oxidation states of graphene/CuOx nanojunction
Apr, 08 Jaehyoen Kim The study of electric and thermoelectric properties in highly doped silicon nanowire fabricated
by CMOS technology
Apr, 15 Jinheui Hwang Charge Transport Properties of Strained and Indented Topological Insulators
Apr, 22 1.Youngkeun Lee
2.Sangku Kwon
KPS Practice Talk
1.Surface Plasmon-driven Hot Electron Flow Probed with Metal-Semiconductor Nanodiodes
2.Reversible Oxidation States of of Graphene/CuOx Nanojunction
Apr, 29 Hyunsoo Lee Nanoscale Probing of Switching Behaviors of Pt Nanodisk on Single-Crystalline SrTiO3 Substrates with Conductive Atomic Force Microspectroscopy
May, 08 Dr. Jong hoon Kim Modification of Graphene Properties due to α-Beam Irradiaation
May, 13 Youngji Yuk Shape dependent adhesion and friction on Au NPs and deformation of MOF with Humidity control
May, 22 Hyosun Lee Energy Conversion Mechanism of Hot Electrons on Metal-Semiconductor Nanodiode
May, 27 1.Youngkeun Lee
2. G. Kalyan
Practice Talk for Qualification Exam
1.Surface Plasmon-Driven Hot Electron Flow Probed with Metal-Semiconductor Nanodiodes
2.Chemical Doping of TiO2 for the Fabrication of Visible-Light Active Systems for Chemical Reaction and Energy Conversion
June, 03 Kamran Qadir Investigations of 2-D and 3-D Pt Nanocatalysts: Bridging Materials Gap
Trough Smart Catalysts Design
June, 10 G. Kalyan Chemical Doping of TiO2 for the Fabrication of Visible-Light Active Systems for Chemical Reaction and Energy Conversion
June, 17 Chanho Jung Investigation of catalytic activity and support effect on 3-dimensional model nanocatalyst
June, 26 Sangku Kwon Quasi-Free-Standing Epitaxial Graphene on SiC Obtained by Hydrogen Intercalation
July, 15 Sunmi Kim CO Oxidation on APD Au/TiO2 Catalyst : The Number of Shot of Metal Catalyst and The Doping Type of Support Material
July, 22 Youngkeun Lee Tandem-Structured, hot Electron Based Photovoltaic Cell with Double Schotty Barriers
Aug, 20 Jinheui Hwang Charge Transport Properties of Strained and Indented Topological Insulators
Aug, 27 Dr. Brundabana Naik Fabrication of Novel nano-hybrid Catalyst and Mesoporous Catalyst for Catalytic Application
Sep, 06 Jaehyoen Kim Interfacial Thermal Conductance of Ozon Treated and α-Beam Irradiated Graphene
Sep, 13 Jinheui Hwang Surface Structure of Topological Insulator Bi2Te3
by Conductive Probe AFM
Sep, 23 Hyunsoo Lee Reactive and Non-reactive Step-edges in Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite
Oct, 11 Dr. Jong hoon Kim The Various Physical Properties of MoS2 and the Preliminary SPM Test Results for CVD Grown MoS2 Film
Oct, 18 Changhwan Lee Detection of Hot Electrons by Metal-Insulator-Metal Structure
Oct, 23 1. Dr. Jong hoon Kim
2. Sangku Kwon
AVS Practice Talk
1. Nanoprobing of Friction and Charge Transport Properties of Vanadium Dioxide under the Metal-Insulator Transition
2. Nanoscale Tribological Characteristics of Epitaxial Graphene on SiC: The Effect of Hydrogen Intercalation
Nov, 15 Hyosun Lee Toward Monitoring and Controlling the Chemical Reactivity with MS and MIM devieces
Nov, 22 Songyi Moon Plasmon-Enhanced Photocurrent Generation and Water Oxidation from Visible to Near-infrared Wavelength
Nov, 29 Kamran Qadir Nano-porous Au based Inverse Model Catalytic Systems for Tunable Hydrogen Oxidation Activity via Surface Plasmon Resonance and UV-ozone Surface Treatment and Oxidation State, compositional Analysis of AuxPd(1-x) Bimetallic NPs on F-TiO2 and CeO2 Supports
Dec, 06 Chanho Jung Studying Catalytic Activity of Metal/Oxide 3-Demensional Nanocatalysts Synthesized by Splay Pyrolysis
Dec, 20 G. Kalyan Fabrication of Plasmonic Metal-Insulator-Metal Nanostructure for Photocatalytic Activity of CO Oxidation