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Date Presenter Topic
Jan, 17 Sangku Kwon AFM Study on Epitaxial Graphene on h-BN
Jan, 24 Sun Mi Kim Role of Continuous Pd Sites Affecting in Catalytic Activity of CO Oxidation on Au(x)Pd(1-x) Nanoalloy on Oxide Supports
Jan, 28 Young Keun Lee Hot Electron Generation Enhanced by Carrier Multiplication Probed on Graphene/TiO2 Nanodiode
Feb, 07 Dr. Brundabana Naik Facile Fabrication and CO Oxidation Behavior of Thin Layer Titania Encapsulated Hybrid Nanocatalysts
Feb, 19 Jae Hyeon Kim Topic 1 : Structural and chemical disorders on the graphene thermal conductance
Topic 2 : Ballistic and diffusive phonon heat transport in MoS2
Mar, 07 Hyunsoo Lee Nanotribological Properties of Hydrophobic Graphene on Hydrophilic Substrate under Moist Air
Mar, 14 Prof, Jeong Young Park Current Status and Future Perspective of SCALE Lab in 2014
Mar, 21 Dr. Jong hun Kim A Brief Review about SPM Studies for Triboelectric Charging or Contact Electricfication
Mar, 28 Jeongjin Kim The Chemistry of TiO2-Related Materials
Apr, 04 Hyosun Lee Observation of Pt Nanoparticle Size Dependence in Magnitude of Hot electrons with Au/TiO2 Schottky Nanodiode
Apr, 11 Song Yi Moon Synthesis and catalytic properties of thin layer oxide encapsulated hybrid nanocatalysts
May, 09 Dr. Ievgen I. Nedrygailov Study of energy dissipation pathways in chemical reactions using catalytic nanodiodes : prospects and further development
May, 16 Changhwan Lee Amplification of hot electron flow by surface plasmon effect using metal insulator metal tunnel junction
May, 30 Sunyoung Oh Characterization of catalysts using in-situ FTIR spectroscopy
June, 27 Kamran Qadir Role of Perimeter Interfaces in Au/Metal-Oxide Catalysts : Understanding H2 Oxidation on Inverse (TiO2/CeOx)/Nanoporous Au Catalysts
July, 18 Kalyan C. Goddeti Preparation of Atomically smooth Rutile TiO2 for studies under non-UHV conditions
July, 24 Chan Ho Jung Study of catalytic activity and support effect on 3-dimensional metal-oxide nanocatalysts
Aug, 01 Youngkeun Lee Selectivity of graphene oxidation controlled by charge transfer on TiO2
Aug, 07 Naik Brundabana Nanoporous materials for photocatalysts
Aug, 29 Sangku Kwon Triboelectric charge detection of reduced graphene oxide
Sep, 12 Jin Heui Hwang Back gate system of topological insulators & current status of EC-STM
Sep, 19 Jea Hyoen Kim Practice talk - Influences of structural and chemical disorder on the thermal conductance of graphene metal interfaces
Sep, 26 Sun Mi Kim Surface Plasmon-Driven Catalytic Reactions on Patterned Metal-Insulator-Metal Nanostructures
Oct, 10 Jeongjin Kim Bridging the Pressure Gap: The Observation of Pt-based Single Crystals at Near Ambient Pressure
Oct. 17 Dr. Jong hun Kim Triboelectric charging effect of PDMS (Polydimethylsiloxane)
Oct. 30 Dr. Ievgen I. Nedrygailov Non-equilibrium generation of charge carriers during decomposition of hydrogen peroxide on silver nano thin catalysts
Nov. 14 1. Dr. Brundabana Naik
2. Hyosun Lee
1. ENGE practice talk - Solar light driven photocatalytic activity of Pt/mesoporous oxides and Pt/hierarchial N dopped TiO2 nanostructure.
2. Chemical reaction induced hot electron flows on Pt colloid nanoparticles under hydrogen oxidation: Impact of nanoparticle size
Nov. 28 Hyunsoo Lee Friction Properties of Water-Intercalated Graphene on Hydrophilic Substrates
Dec. 05 1. Dr. Jong Hun Kim
2. Song Yi Moon
1. Practice talk - Investigation of Durability and Activity of Electrochemical Reactions on Mesoporous Carbon with Atomic Force Microscopy.
2. Synthesis and Catalytic Properties of thin layer oxide encapsulated hybrid nanocatalysts.
Dec. 12 1. Song Yi Moon
2. Changhwan Lee
3. Youngkeun Lee
4. Kalyan C. Goddeti
Defence practice talk
1. Synthesis and Catalytic Properties of thin layer oxide encapsulated hybrid nanoctalysts.
2. Amplification of hot electron flow by surface plasmon effect using metal-insulator-metal tunnel nanodiode.
Proposal practice talk
3. Hot electron generation by plasmonics and carrier multiplication and manipulation of H2 pxidation by injection of hot electrons via bias voltage
4. Effect of Chemical doping of TiO2 on Catalytic Activity and the 1-D Nanostructured PEC Photocatalysis Utilizing Hot Electrons.
Dec. 19 Changhwan Lee PbS quantum dot on plasmonic nanodiode