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Date Presenter Topic
Jan, 12 Sunyoung Oh Investigation on surface oxidation state of hybrid catalyst during CO oxidation by in-situ FTIR
Jan, 16 Dr. Won Hui Doh Reaction Mechanism of Methanol Decomposition on ZnO Single Crystal Surface
Jan, 23 Si Woo Lee Field induced migration of oxygen vacancy in TiO2 and enhancement of catalytic activity
Feb, 06 Wooseok Jeong Self-assembled monolayer on Au nanoplate : New model system of molecular electronics
Feb, 27 Kamran Qadir Engineering Metal-oxide Interfaces of Inverse Catalyst of TiO2/Nanoporous Au for Enhanced Activity of Hydrogen Oxidation & Nature of True Active Sites in Two Dimensional Pt Model Catalysts
Mar. 06 Prof. Jeong Young Park Current Status and Future Perspective of SCALE Lab in 2015
Mar, 13 Kalyan Chakravarthy Low Dimensional Nanostructured Architectures for Photocatalytic Energy Conversion Applications: 1-D TiO2 Nanotube Devices & reduced GO 2-D Thin Films
Mar, 20 Chanho Jung Catalytic Properties of Pt-TiO2 Pt-SnO2, and Au-TiO2 Nanosponge; CO Oxidation and Water-splitting Studies
Mar, 27 Dr. Sangku Kwon Schottky barrier height at nanoscale contact
Apr, 17 1. Dr. Jong Hun Kim
2. Young Keun Lee
3. Jae Hyeon Kim
4. Hyunsoo Lee
KPS Practice Talk
1. Nanoscale characterization of triboelectric effect on PDMS (Polydimethylsiloxane) : Effect of UV-treatment
2. Enhanced quantum efficiency driven by hot carrier multiplication in graphene/TiO2 nanodiode
3. Probing the layer dependent transition of phonon dynamics in MoS2 atomic layer
4. Nanoscale Friction Properties of Water-Intercalated Graphene on Hydrophilic Substrates
Apr, 24 Dr. Sunmi Kim The role of surface segregation affecting catalytic activity of CO oxidation on AuxPd1-X nanoalloys on oxide supports
May, 06 1. Jeongjin Kim
2. Hyosun Lee
3. Jin Heui Hwang
4. Hyunsoo Lee
5. Kamran Qadir
Practice Talk
1. Study on Surface Reactions over Metal Model Catalysis by Ambient Pressure STM
2. Novel Architectures of Catalytic Nanodiodes for Detection of Hot Electron Transports during Catalytic Reaction
3. Scanning probe microscopy studies of topological insulators and water-intercalated graphene
4. Nanoprobing electrical and physical properties of nanostructured materials with atomic force microscopy
5. Uncovering the Role of Surface Oxide and Metal-oxide Interface in Engineering Active Metal Nanocatalysts under Gas Phase Catalytic Reaction
May. 13 Youngkeun Lee Hot Carrier Multiplication Observed on Graphene/TiO2 Schottky Nanodiode
May, 22 Jaehyoen Kim Probing the layer dependent transition of phonon dynamics in MoS2 atomic layers
June, 03 Jinheui Hwang Scanning probe microscopy studies of water-intercalated graphene
June, 12 Hyunsoo Lee Physical properties of 2-dimensional material confined water
June, 19 Dr. Jong hoon Kim Part 1: Nanoscale characteristics of triboelectric effect on PDMS
Part 2: Charge injection enhancement mechanism at metal-semiconductor interface with LiF
June, 26 Dr. Ievgen I. Nedrygailov Mechanisms of chemicurrent generation in catalytic reactions with H2O2
July, 03 Jeongjin Kim Observation of surface restructuring phenomenon by NAP-STM
July, 10 Hyosun Lee A Graphene-Based Catalytic Nanodiode for Hot Electron Detection under Chemical Reaction
Aug, 07 Songyi Moon Photo electrochemical water splitting
Aug, 13 Changhwan Lee Enhanced hot electron flow on plasmonic nanodiode by absorption of PbS quantum dots
Aug, 25 Sunyoung Oh Observation of surface oxide on Pt/oxide hybrid nanocatalyst during CO oxidation using in situ FTIR spectroscopy
Sep, 1 Si Woo Lee Surface plasmon-driven catalytic reactions on reactive oxide materials (Au-Cu2O, Au-Co3O4 inverse catalyst)
Sep, 11 Dr. Won Hui Doh Synchrotron radiation based XPS and the usage of the Casa XPS
Sep, 18 Wooseok Jeong Tailoring the Electrical Properties of SnO Single-crystal Microplates
Sep, 25 Myung Cheol Noh The structures of oxidized Ni clusters on Ni(111) surface under oxidative environment
Oct. 2 Kalyan Chakravarthy Fabrication of Titania Nanotube Array based Devices for Photocatalysis & Solar Energy Conversion
Oct. 8 Chanho Jung Study on Catalytic Selectivity of 3-dimensional Model Ctalyst: Methanol Oxidation
Oct. 30 Chanho Jung Ph.D. Defence Practice talk - Study of Catalytic Activity and Support Effect on 3-Dimensional Metal-Oxide Nanocatalysts
Nov. 13 You Kyung Kim Catalytic activity and selectivity on methanol oxidation
Nov. 20 Jin Hyeok Jeong Mechanical property mapping at the nanoscale using atomic force microscopy
Nov. 27 Dr. Summi Kim Photon-Induced Hot Electron Effect on the Catalytic Activity of Ceria-supported Gold Nanoparticles
Dec. 04 1. Wooseok Jeong
2. Si Woo Lee
M.S. Defence practice talk
1.Nanoscale probing of electrical and physical properties of nanoplate based materials with atomic force microscopy
2.Surface Plasmon-Driven Catalytic Reactions on Oxide-Au Inverse Catalyst
Dec. 11 Youngkeun Lee Enhanced hot electron emission by 3D schottky interface on TiO2 covered Au/TiO2 nanodiode
Dec. 18 Jin Heui Hwang Atomic force microscopy studies of water-intercalated graphene