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Date Presenter Topic
Jan. 12 1. Song Yi Moon
2. Changhwan Lee
1. Surface-Plasmon-Driven Hot Carrier Photochemistry: paper review
2. Use of hot holes in plasmonic photovoltaic and photocatalytic devices
Jan. 19 1. Sunyoung Oh
2. Dr. Indranil Mondal
1. Spectroscopic observation of catalytic sites at metal-support interface during CO oxidation
2. Lower 3d transition metal electrocatalyst towards solar powered water splitting coupled on Si photoelectrode
Jan. 26 1. Dr. Won Hui Doh
2. Hee Chan Song
1. Catalysts Engineering for Selective Hydrogenation of Acetylene
2. Ⅰ. Schottky Behavior of Gold Nanoparticles on TiO2: A Size Effect Study
    Ⅱ. Platinum Nanopaticles on Cobalt Oxide : CO oxidation
Feb. 2 1. Si Woo Lee
2. Hanseul Choi
1. Pt Mesh-TiO2 Catalytic Nanodiode for Detection of Hot Electrons: The Effect of Metal-Oxide Interface
2. Mechanism Study of Intermetallic Ni and Ga on silica toward CO2 Hydrogenation
Feb. 9 1. Jae-Eun Kim
2. Dr. Joong Il Jake Choi
1. Introduction of Triboelectric Nanogenerator (TENG) and Preliminary Experiment
2. Nanoscale investigation of MA(CH3NH3)PbBr3 single crystal
Feb. 22 1. Woo Seok Oh
2. Beomjoon Jeon
1. TiO2 (110) single crystal: surface study in UHV and air
2. Various Access to Hot Electron and Chemicurrent Study
Mar. 2 1. Yeob Heo
2. Yujin Park
1. Chemicurrent studies of aluminum-water reaction using Al/Si catalytic nanodiodes
2. Detection of Hot Electron Flow in MAPbI3/Au/TiO2 Nanodiode
Mar. 9 Prof. Jeong Young Park Current Status and Future Perspective of SCALE Lab In 2018
Mar. 16 1. Heeyoung Kim
2. Hyunhwa Lee
1. Synthesis of artificial photosynthesis device for plasmon-enhanced photoelectrochemical(PEC) water splitting
2. The role of grain boundaries in perovskite solar cells
April. 6 1. Taek-Seung Kim
2. Dahee Park
1. Carbon-decorated iron oxide hollow granules formed using a silk fibrous template: lithium-oxygen battery application
2. Preparation of Porous Ni and Co Particles/Metal Foam as Catalysts for Hydrogenation Reaction
April. 13 1. Tae Won Go
2. Yong Man Kim
1. Synthesis and Properties of Sr M-type Hexaferrite/Magnetite Composites
2. Investigation of Liquid-Solid Interface with Electrochemical Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Apr. 20 1. Dr. Hyunsoo Lee
2. Dr. Tran Si Bui Trung
1. Phase-Dependaent Friction of MoS2 on Mica: Reaction between Phonon and Electronic Contribution
2. Influence of acidic properties of catalyst supports on the catalytic performance of Co2 hydrogenation reaction
Apr. 27 1. Dr. Hyosun Lee
2. Song Yi Moon
IBS symposium practice talk
1. Insight into Hot Electrons: from Origin to Application
-Observation of Hot Electrons under Practical Catalytic System-
2. Electrocatalytic and Photoelectrocatalytic Water Splitting Driven by Hot Electron Injection on Metal-oxide Schottky Nanostructures
May. 11 Dr. Khagendra Tripathi LST, UNSM and CVD graphene coatings: Surface Engineering techniques for macro-to-nanoscale Tribology
May. 18 1. Jae-Eun Kim
2. Hanseul Choi
3. Si Woo Lee
Practice talk
1. Nanoscale Investigation of Tribochearging on Ultrananocrystalline Diamond with Surface Treatment
2. Size-Controlled Model Nickel Catalysts on Ga2O3 toward Co2 Hydrogenation to Methanol
3. Hot Electron Flux under Metahnol Oxidation on Pt/TiO2 Catalytic Nanodiode; Intrinsic Relation between Selectivity and Chemicurrent
May. 25 1. Changhwan Lee
2. Sunyoung Oh
1. A Study on the effect of various environments on the behavior of PbS quantum dot solar cell
2. Single atom catalysts (SACs): Identification and applications in heterogeneous catalysis
June. 7 1. Hee Chan Song
2. Dr. Indranil Mondal
1. CO oxidation with Pt nanoparticles on Cobalt Oxide
2. Lower 3d transition metal electrocatalyst towards solar powered water splitting
June. 22 1. Woo Seok Oh
2. Beom Joon Jeon
1. TiO2(110) single crystal study for photocatalytic water splitting
2. Amplicatioj of Hot Electron Capture using quasi-Three Dimentional Pt/mesoporous TiO2 Schottky Nanodiode
June. 29 1. Yeob Heo
2. Yujin Park
1. Investigation of aluminum-water reaction through the Al/Au/n-Si Schottky nanodiode
2. Enhancement of hot electron flow in MAPbI3 / Au / TiO2 nanodiode
July. 6 1. Heeyoung Kim
2. Hyunhwa Lee
1. Detection of hot electron with Pt film and Pt nanowire=nSi nanodiodes during decomposition of hydrogen peroxide
2. Direct Mapping of Photo-induced Hot Electron Generation on Plasmonic Au/TiO2 Nanodiodes
July. 17 1. Taek-Seung Kim
2. Tae Won Go
1. Investigation of Pt1/TiO2 single atom catalyst for CO oxidation: Focus on crystalline phase of support
2. Investigations of reconstructured herringbone structure on the Au(111) surface using STM and on-going study on the Cu(997)
July. 31 1. Yong Man Kim
2. Dr. Tran Si Bui Trung
1. Electrochemical STM Studies at a Solid-Liduid Interface Influence of Oxygen vacancy on the Catalytic Performance of CO Oxidation Reaction
Aug. 14 1. Dr. Joong Il Jake Choi
2. Dr. Khagendra Tripathi
Practice talk
1. Nanoscale Investigation of Degradation of Organometal Halide Perovskite with Ambient Pressure Atomic Force Microscopy
2. Triboelectric Nanogenerators (TENGs) and preliminary study on the generation of triboelectricity using PMMA/PDMS films
Aug. 31 1. Song Yi Moon
2. Sunyoung Oh
1. Photoelectrochemical Reactions on Metal-Semiconductor Nanodiodes
2. Enhanced CO oxidation rate at catalytic interface inside hollow nanoreactor catalysts
Sep. 7 1. Changhwan Lee
2. Si Woo Lee
1. Size Effect of PbS Quantum Dots on Solar Cell Performance in O2 Environment
2. Enhanced Hot Electron Flux and Selectivity at Metal-Oxide Interface of Pt Nanowire-TiO2 Catalytic Nanodiode
Sep. 14 1. Dr. Won Hui Doh
2. Hee Chan Song
1. Atomic Scale Observation of Catalytic Co2 Reduction on Rh(111) Surfaces at Ambient Pressure
2. CO oxidation with Pt NPs/Cobalt oxide
Sep. 21 1. Dr. Indranil Mondal
2. Jae-Eun Kim
1. 3d metal electrocatalysts in plasmonic heterojunction: Intuitive activity in solar water splitting
2. Nanoscale Study of Improved Triboelectric Properties of UNCD by Contact Electrification Induced Hydrogenation
Sep. 28 1. Mincheol Kang
2. Kyoungjae Song
1. Study on Nanohole Array Plasmonic Au/TiO2 Diodes Fabricated by Nanosphere Lithography
2. Fabrication of Plasmonic Au/p-GaN Photocathode for Hot Hole Collection
Oct. 12 1. Si Woo Lee
2. Doo-Ho Lee
[Practice talk]
1. Hot electron flux under methanol oxidation on Pt/TiO2 catalyti nanodiode; Intricsic relation between selectivity and chemicurrent
2. Phase stability of YBa2Cu3O7-δ for the nominal compostion of Y:Ba:Cu=1:1:2.5 in low oxygen pressures
Nov. 9 1. Hanseul Choi
2. Dr. Joong Il Jake Choi
1. CO2 reduction on Pt/Ga2O3 catalysts: Size dependence of product selectivity
2. External and internal steps of HOPG: AP-AFM study
Nov. 16 1. Hee Chan Song
2. Hyunhwa Lee
1. Factors of Enhancing Catalytic Activity on Pt Nanoparticles Supported on Cobalt Oxide 2D Catalyst for CO Oxidation
2. Direct observation of photo-induced electrical properties of energy conversion devices with atomic force microscopy
Nov. 23 1. Tae Won Go
2. Beom Joon Jeon
1. Probing the surface restructuring process on the stepped Cu(997) surface at near-ambient pressure
2. Detection of chemical reaction-induced hot electron flux with external bias application
Nov. 30 1. Yeob Heo
2. Yujin Park
1. Adiabatic and Non-adiabatic Charge Transfer in Aluminum-Water Reaction Studied with Schottky Nanodiode Sensor
2. Enhanced hot electron generation on MAPbI3 modified plasmonic nanodiode
Dec. 14 Heeyoung Kim Effect of Metal-Semiconductor Interfaces on Hot Electron Generation; Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide on Pt nanowire/Si nanodiodes