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Date Presenter Topic
Jan. 17

1. Dr. Prabhakar Reddy

2. Mincheol Kang

1. Effect of copper oxidation State on nano shaped Ceria supports: evaluation of metal support interaction

2. Detection of Hot Electron Flow in Antenna Reactor Plasmonic Photocatalysis with Schottky Nanodiodes

Jan. 31

1. Kyoungjae Song
2. Doo-Ho Lee

1. Methanol oxidation with Pt thin film/TiO2 Schottky nanodiode

2. Growth of water layer intercalated between MoS2 and mica

Feb. 7

1. Hanseul Choi

2. YoungJae Kim

1. Mechanism Study of Ni-Ga Bimetal Catalyst toward CO2 Hydrogenation

2. Observation of heterogeneous catalysts on UHV and near-ambient pressure

Feb. 21

1. Dr. Joong Il Jake Choi

2. Dr. Yutichai Mueanngern

1. Degradation of MAPbBr3 in water : AP-AFM and AP-XPS study

2. Catalysis at the Mesoscale

Apr. 3

1. Hong SeungHwa

2. Aleksandar Cupic

1. Crystal plane effect of Cu2O on the catalytic performance of Pt1/Cu2O single atom catalyst for the CO oxidation

2. Parameters for controlled growth of TiO2 nanotube arrays

Apr. 10

Prof. Jeong Young Park

Current Status and Future Perspective of SCALE Lab In 2020

Apr. 17

1. BeomJoon Jeon

2. Daeho Kim

1. Catalytic Performance of Au@Pd Nanocatalyst: Aspect of Charge Transfer Enhancement

2. Ex-situ and in-situ Characterization of Pt Nanoparticles supported on Mesoporous 

Co3O4 for CO Oxidation reaction

Apr. 24

1. Heeyoung Kim

Photoelectrochemical hydrogen evolution reaction of P doped g-C3N4 hollow nanocatalysts
May. 8 1. Yujin Park
2. Taek-Seung Kim

1. Investigation on hot electron flow generation and dynamics on MAPbI3/Ag/TiO2 nanodiode

2. Oxygen-driven catalytic activation in Au-Cu bimetallic nanocrystal for CO oxidation

May. 15

1. Hyunhwa Lee

2. Tae Won Go

[Practice Talk]

1. Direct observation of surface plasmon-driven hot carrier generation with photoconductive AFM

2. Frictional Change of Confined-Water Intercalated between Graphene and Mica

May. 22

1. Hee Chan Song

2. Yongman Kim

1. Water Effect on Interfacial Sites of Pt NPs/Co3O4 under CO oxidation

2. Atomic scale observation of electrocatalytic process on porphyrin-modified Au(111) electrode

May. 29

1. BeomJoon Jeon

2. Doo-Ho Lee

[Practice Talk] 

1. Fundamental Study for Hot Electron Transfer during Chemical Reaction

2. Investigation of Nanotribological Properties of Exfoliated Graphene 

June. 12

1. Jae-Eun Kim

2. Dr. Prabhakar Reddy

1. Friction at atomic steps in ambient pressures

2. Influence of Ceria Nano cube pretreatment on the preparation and performance of supported Pt catalysts

Jul. 10

1. Dr. Yutichai Mueanngern

2. Mincheol Kang

1. Studying Methanol Oxidation on Well Controlled Inverse Model Systems of CeO2-on-Pt

2.Plasmonic Photocatalytic Energy Conversion to Hot Electron on Antenna-Reactor Schottky Nanodiodes

Jul. 31

1. Kyoungjae Song

2. Dr. Si Woo Lee

1. Au nanoprism/GaN photo-electrode for hot carrier collection and water splitting reaction

2. [Practice Talk] Revealing Surface Chemical Reaction by Detecting Hot Electron Flux generated in Solid-Gas and Solid-Liquid Interfaces

Aug. 21

1. YoungJae Kim

2. Hanseul Choi

1. Adsorbate intermediates and ordered superstructure of TiO2(110) induced by CO2

2.Bimetallic synergy in Platinum-Cobalt catalyst for CO2 hydrogenation

Sep. 4

1. Hong Seung Hwa

2. Dr. Joong Il Jake Choi

1. Metal-oxide Interaction at Pt Nanoparticle on the Morphology Controlled Cu2O for CO Oxidation

2. Operando Investigation on Catalytic Pt Nanowires using Ambient Pressure Atomic Force Microscopy

Sep. 11

1. Yejin Song

2. Kyu Ho Han

1. Mesoporous Zeolite as a Support for Bimetallic Catalysts in Propane Dehydrogenation

2. Variation of catalytic performance with respect to oxidation state of titanium oxide

Sep. 18

1. Aleksandar Cupic

2. Beomjoon Jeon

1. Au NPs/TiO2 nanotube arrays electrode synthesis, characterization and PEC water splitting

2. Fundamental Study for Hot Electron Transfer during Chemical Reaction

Sep. 25

1. Dr. Yongchan Jeong

2. Dr. Woosuk Choi

1. Manipulation and Self-Assembly of Molecules using Scanning Tunneling Microscopy

2. Study of optoelectronic properties according to vertical heterojunction structure of transition metal dichalcogenides

Oct. 16

1. Daeho Kim

2. Heeyoung Kim

1. Strong Metal-support Interaction at the Interface of Pt Nanoparticle and Mesoporous Co3O4 for CO Oxidation

2. Plasmonic hot carrier-driven PEC water splitting on Pt/plasmonic Ag/TiO2 nanodiode

Oct. 30

1. Doo-Ho Lee

[Practice talk]

Investigation of Nanotribological Properties of Molybdenum Disulfide – Effect of Water Intercalation and Chemical Modification

Nov. 6

1. Yujin Park

2. Dr. Hyunhwa Lee

1. Understanding correlation between hot-electron relaxation dynamics and hot-electron flow on perovskite modified plasmonic metal structure

2. The role of grain boundaries in hybrid perovskite solar cell

Nov. 13

1. Jae-Eun Kim

2. Hanseul Choi

[Practice talk]

1. Atomic force microscopy studies on the influence of chemical modification and environment on friction and electronical properties of nanostructure

2. Investigation of Molecular Factors Governing Catalytic Activity and Selectivity of Metal-Oxide Support Nanocatalyst

Nov. 20

1. Yongman Kim

2. YoungJae Kim

[Practice talk]

1. Real-space imaging of porphyrin networks at a liquid-solid interface

2. Study on Surface Properties and Reaction Steps of Heterogeneous Catalysts under Near-ambient Pressure Conditions Using Scanning Tunneling Microscopy

Dec. 4

1. Daeho Kim

2. Yujin Park

[Practice talk]

1. Operando Studies for Unraveling the Strong Metal-Support Interaction at the Interface of Metal Nanoparticles and Metal Oxide

2. Understanding Correlation between Hot Carrier Flux and Lifetime on Perovskite Plasmonic Metal Structure: From Macroscopic Detection to Nanoscopic Analysis


Dec. 18

1. Tae Won Go

2. Hee Chan Song

1. Water Intercalation Behavior of Exfoliated Tungsten Diselenide on Mica

2. Relation between Water and Interface of Pt/cerium dioxide under CO Oxidation