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Date Presenter Topic
Jan. 7

1. Dr. Joong Il Jake Choi

2. Dr. Hyunhwa Lee

[Practice Talk]

1. Ambient pressure studies on water-induced surface degradation of MAPbBr3

2. In-situ visualization of surface plasmon-driven hot carrier generation with photoconductive AFM

Jan. 28

1. Dr. Woosuk Choi

2. Daeho Kim

1. Doping effect of zeolite-templated carbon on electrical conductance and supercapacitance performances

2. Engineering of Strong Metal-Support Interaction at the Pt-Co3O4 Interface via Pre-treatment

Feb. 18

1. Yujin Park

2. Dr. Hyunhwa Lee

1. Bandgap Engineering Effect of Perovskite on Hot-Electron Flux and Lifetime

2. In-situ Observation of Photo-induced Halide Segregation in Mixed Halide Perovskite

Mar. 07

1. Yongman Kim

2. Jihae Choi

1. Structure-Activity Relationships in the Electrocatalytic Reduction of CO2 with Gold Electrodes

2. Investigation of capacitance characteristics on Au-TiO2 hot-electron plasmonic nanodiode

Mar. 25

1. Youngjae Kim

2. Tae Won Go

1. Growth of Cu2O Layer on the Cu(111) to Determine CO Oxidation Activity

2. Investigation of the Tribocharge Phenomena Observed on the Step Edge of HOPG by Friction Force Microscopy

Apr. 01

1. Mincheol Kang

2. Kyoungjae Song

1. Switching of Hot Electron Flux and Photocatalytic performance with Plasmonic Nanotransistors

2. Selectivity control of methanol oxidation with CeO2  nanowire on Pt film

Apr. 15

1. Doo-Ho Lee

2. Dr. Joong Il Jake Choi

1. The investigation of effects for TiO2 coating in water formation on NaCl surface

2. Nanotribological properties of PtSe2 in UHV to reactive conditions

Apr. 29

1. Seunghwa Hong

2. Hyewon Park

1. Investigation of the Metal-oxide Interaction over Facet Controlled Cu2O for CO2 Hydrogenation

2. Shape dependence of electrochemical water splitting of Au/cubic-Cu2O and Au/octahedral-Cu2

May. 10

1. Yujin Roh

2. Hunyoung Cho

1. Estimation of Loss Mechanisms and Mean Free Path of Hot Electrons from Chemicurrent Yield

2. Frictional properties at atomic steps in various gas conditions

May. 27

1. Dahee Park

2. HongYeon Yoon

[Practice Talk]

1. Investigation of enhancing the catalytic effect on metal and supports

2. Investigation of Solid - Solid and Solid - Liquid Interface on Energy Conversion Systems by Using In-situ AFM

Jun. 03

1. Tae Won Go

2. John Lee

[Practice Talk]

1. Tribological Properties of Confined Water and Graphite-Based Surfaces Probed by Atomic Force Microscopy

2. Pelletization Effects on Intermetallic Pt-Y Catalyst Supported on Mesoporous Zeolite for Propane Dehydrogenation

Jun. 17

1. Yejin Song

2. Gyuho Han

1. Investigation of the metal-oxide interface on Pt-Co bimetallic nanoparticle

2. Activation of PtSe2 as a catalyst in a solid-gas system with the CO oxidation reaction

Jul. 01

1. Beomjoon Jeon

2. Dr. Yongchan Jeong

1. Distinguishing Support Effect on Catalytic Activity and Selectivity using Graphese-Based Nanocatalysts

2. STM and LSV Measurements on Metal-Octaethylporphyrin/Au(111) Systems

Jul. 22

1. Daeho Kim

2. Yujin Park 

1. Classical Strong Metal-Support Interaction at the Co3O4 Supported Pt Nanoparticle

2. Tuning the Hot-Electron Lifetime and Flux via Perovskite Band Gap Engineering

Aug. 05

Yongman Kim

Structure-Activity Relationships of Au Electrodes in the Electrocatalytic Reduction of CO2: The Role of Surface Sites

Aug. 19

1. YoungJae Kim

2. Jihae Choi

1. Investigation of Ti interstitials regeneration to control surface roughness

2. Investigation of capacitance characteristics depending upon various wavelength on hot-electron plasmonic nanodiode

Sep. 06

Prof. Jeong Young Park

Current Status and Future Perspective of SCALE Lab in 2022

Sep. 30

1. Mincheol Kang

2. Kyoungjae Song

1. Switching between Hot Electron and Catalysis on Plasmonic Nanotransistors

2. Enhancement of selectivity to methyl formate and chemicurrent yield using oxygen ratio control of CeOx nanowire on Pt film/ TiO2 nanodiode

Oct. 14

Doo-Ho Lee

Investigation of charge trapping properties of ONO (oxide-nitride-oxide) layer by AFM

Oct. 31

1. Yongman Kim

2. Daeho Kim

[Practice Talk]

1. Electrochemical STM study of Maganese Porphyrin/Au Electrode Identifying the Active Species during the Electrocatalytic Process

2. Operando Observation of Metal Encapsulation Causing Strong Metal-Support Interaction at the Pt-Co3O4 Interface

Nov. 14

Yu Le

Study on surface structure modification of conductive materials embedded noble metal catalysts in liquid phase catalytic hydrogenation

Nov. 25

1. Hyewon Park

2. Yujin Roh

3. Hunyoung Cho

[Practice Talk]

1. Investigation of the role of metal-semiconductor interfacial nanostructures in electrochemical reactions

2. Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Hot Electron Dynamics and Loss Mechanism

3. Investigation of how water molecules affect surfaces using ambient-pressure AFM

Nov. 28

1. Beomjoon Jeon

2. Yongman Kim

[Practice Talk]

1. Quantitative Manipulation of Surface Catalytic Reaction-Induced Hot Electron Flux Through Controlling Metal-Oxide Interface

2. In-Situ Observation of the Electrochemical Processes at the Solid-Liquid Interface at the Molecular Level

Dec. 09

1. Dr. Joong Il Jake Choi

2. Dr. Pradeepta Babu

1. Surface structure correlated light-emission enhancement of lead halide perovskites

2. Functional graphitic carbon nitride based nanostructured photocatalyst for solar water splitting

Dec. 23

1. Seunghwa Hong

2. Dahee Park

1. Investigation of the Metal-oxide Interaction over Morphology Controlled ZnO for CO2 Hydrogenation

2. HER Catalysts Based on Non-noble Metal Composites