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Date Presenter Topic
Jan. 06

1. Yejin Song

2. Gyuho Han

1. Reversibility of surface restructuring on Pt-Ni bimetallic nanoparticle under O2 and H2 environment

2. Influence of oxide supports on the catalytic activity at the interface between platinum nanowire and supports

Jan. 19

1. HongYeon Yoon

2. Daeho Kim

1. Investigation of Triboelectrification from gamma-ray Irradiated Fluoro Polymer

2. Effect of Metal Encapsulation on the Catalytic Activity over the Co3O4 Supported Metal Nanoparticles

Feb. 10

1. YoungJae Kim

1. Adsorbate intermediates and ordered superstructure of TiO2(110) induced by CO2

Feb. 24

1. Yujin Park

2. Jihae Choi

1. A superior plasmonic photodetector based on ambipolar hot-carrier injection

2. Analysis capacitance difference of hot electrons on plasmonic nanodiodes

Mar. 03

1. Hyeonjin Bae

2. Soomin Kim

1. Investigation of copper (Cu)-based plasmonic hot-electron photodetector

2. Study on synthesis of RuNi nanoparticles for ammonia decomposition

Mar. 24

Prof. Jeong Young Park

Current Status and Future Perspective of SCALE Lab in 2023

Apr. 21

1. Kyoungjae Song

2. Seunghwa Hong

[Practice talk]

1. Enhanced hot electron generation and catalytic activity by nanoscale engineering of Pt-CeOx interfaces

2. Oxide Facet-dependent Strong Metal-support Interaction of Pt/Cu2O under CO Oxidation

May. 04

1. Hyewon Park

2. Hunyoung Cho

[Practice talk]

1. Investigation of the role of metal-semiconductor interfacial nanostructures in electrochemical reactions

2. Investigation of How Gas Molecules Affect Surfaces Using Variable-Pressure AFM

May. 19

1. Mincheol Kang

2. Doo-Ho Lee

1. Capacitance Analysis of Reaction-Induced Hot Electrons in the Frequency Domain

2. Investigation of charge trapping properties of ONO (oxide-nitride-oxide) layers by AFM

Jun. 02

1. Jihae Choi

2. Daeho Kim

3. Yujin Park

[Practice talk]

1. Investigating the Effects of Surface Plasmon on Capacitance of Metal-Semiconductor Interfaces

2. Operando Studies for Unraveling the Strong Metal-Support Interaction at the Interface of Metal Nanoparticles and Metal Oxide

3. Investigation of Plasmonic Hot-Carrier Flow Based on Spatial and Temporal-Resolution Anlysis in Metal/Semiconductro Structures

Jun. 23

1. Yu Le

1. Investigation of doping of niobium oxide on catalytic activity of Pt/Al2O3 for CO oxidation

Jul. 14

1. Yujin Roh

2. Dr. Yongman Kim

1. In-situ Investigation of Ultrafast Dynamics of Hot Carriers in Photoelectrochemical Reaction

2. Unraveling the Role of Crystal Structure in CO2 Electroreduction: Insights from Gold Single Crystal Study

Jul. 28

1. Dr. Beomjoon Jeon

2. Dr. Pradeepta Babu

[Practice talk]

1. Hot electron chemistry and catalytic synergy in metal-oxide interfaces investigated with catalytic nanodiode

2. Design and development of metal free catalyst towards photoelectrochemical application

Sep. 01

1. Seunghwa Hong

2. Dahee Park

1. Investigation of the Metal-Support Interaction over Morphology Controlled ZnO for CO2 Hydrogenation

2. The Role of Metal and Bi-Metal Atomically Doping Effect on Porous CeO2-x under CO2 Hydrogenation

Sep. 15 

1. Deok Kyu Na

2. Euhyun Eom

1. Observing Self-Assembled PtOEP Adlayers on HOPG during Chlorine Evolution Reaction via Scanning Probe Microscopy

2. Photoelectrochemical (PEC) water splitting of Pt/Cu/TiO2 Schottky nanodiodes

Oct. 06

1. Jaebeom Han

2. Yejin Song

1. Facet-dependent atom trapping performance for single-atom Pt/Co3O4 catalyst

2. Composition-dependent reversible surface restructuring on Pt-Ni bimetallic nanoparticles

Oct. 20

1. Gyuho Han

2. Dr. Yongman Kim

1. Elucidating the Relationship Between Reaction Mechanisms and coverage of Metal-Oxide Interface

[Practice talk]

2. Electrochemical Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Studies of CO2 Electrocatalytic Reactions on Au(332) Stepped Surface

Nov. 3

1. Seunghwa Hong

2. Dahee Park

[Practice talk]

1. In-Situ Study of Metal-Oxide Interface for Engineering the Metal-Support Interaction

2. Surface Defect adn Nanopore Engineering on Nanocatalysts Synthesized by Spry Pyrolysis

Nov. 24

1. Kyoungjae Song

[Practice talk]

1. Correlation between Hot Carrier Generation and Reactivity under Photoelectrochemical and Gas Catalytic Reactions

Dec. 01

1. Doo-Ho Lee

2. Soomin Kim

[Practice talk]

1. Investigation of Nanotribology and Physical Properties of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides by Atomic Force Microscopy

2. Facet-Dependent Catalytic Activity of Ru/TiO2 for Ammonia Cracking

Dec. 21

1. HongYeon Yoon

2. YoungJae Kim

1. Enhanced Friction on Confined Water Step Edge Porbed with Scanning Probe Microscope 

2. Charge trapping modulation at facet-controlled TiO2 and ambient water interfaces