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Date Presenter Topic
Jan, 16 Dahee Park Pt on Au on ITO glass
Feb, 6 Kamran Qadir Arc plasma deposition process in catalytic material synthesis
Feb, 13 Dr. Nruparaj Sahu Studies on redox reactions over modified titania
Feb, 29 G. Kalyan Size-optimized growth of ZnO nanorods
Mar, 5 Prof. Jeong Y. Park Status and future plan of SCALE lab in 2012
Mar, 12 Chanho Jung Catalytic activity of Au/TiO2 and Pt/TiO2 nanocatalysts synthesized by APD
Mar, 19 Sangku Kwon Conductance domain in graphene
Mar, 26 Sunmi Kim Synthesis of Pt nanoparticles for the study of SMSI
April, 02 Sangku Kwon Enhanced nanoscale friction on fluorinated graphene
April, 02 Youngkeun Lee Surface plasmon driven hot electron flow probed with metal semiconductor nanodiode
April, 23 Kamran Qadir Intrinsic Relation between Catalytic Activity of CO Oxidation on Ru Catalysts and Stability of Ru Oxide Uncovered with Ambient Pressure XPS
April, 30 Van Trong Nghia Wetting tunability of nano-patterned TiO2 layers for advanced scheme of self-cleaning glass
May, 07,14 Brundabana Naik Design of visible light active titania photocatalysts
May, 21 Hyunsoo lee Analysis of mechanical – electrical characteristics of energy device by insitu atomic force microscopy
June, 04 Dr. Jong-Hun Kim The studies of local electrical properties in memory device materials by scanning probe microscopy
June, 11 Dahee Park Influence of surface modification of metal oxide films on nanocatalysts
June, 25 Kamran Qadir Fabrication of active metal nanocatalysts : Engineering surface oxide overlayer and metal-oxide Interfaces through rational catalysts design
July, 16 G. Kalyan Fabrication of nanostructures and its application for energy conversion
Aug, 06 Chanho Jung Study on catalytic activity of metal/oxide nanocatalysts by flow reactor system
Aug, 13 Sunmi Kim Hot carrier driven chemistry: Influence of catalytic activity of CO oxidation on Pt-CdSe-Pt nanodumbbells under light irradiation
Sep, 03 Van Trong Nghia Application of metal oxide nanopatterened layers
Sep, 10 Brundabana Naik Metal supported oxide for heterogeneous catalysis
Sep, 17 Jinheui Hwang First principle study of Boron related defects in SiO2 and Boron segregation at Si/SiO2 interface
Sep, 24 Youngji Yuk Principle and Application of Kelvin Force Microscopy
Oct, 8 Hyosun Lee Plasmon-enhanced Ag/TiO2 schottky barrier nanodiode
Oct, 15 Dahee Park Properties of Metal-Oxide Film with Metal Nanoparticles
Nov, 19 Hyunsoo Lee Atomically Thin Molybdenium disulphide (MoS2)
Dec, 03 Dr. Jong-Hun Kim VO2 phase transition study with SPM
Dec, 10 Kamran Qadir Investigating deactivation behaviour of Ru catalysts: Role of Bulk Ru oxide & Size dependent oxidation trend of Cobalt nanoparticles before/after UV-Ozone treatment
Dec, 20 G. Kalyan Fabrication and utilization of semiconductors 1-D nanostructures for nanodiode and catalytic applications